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Adding an Embedded iframe widget to a creative

You can create a unique experience within your ad by embedding a game or other custom feature into your ad. To do this, you use the Embedded iframe widget.

An iframe can be thought of as a "mini browser." The Embedded iframe widget displays the contents of your mobile webpage on your ad, within the widget.

Mixpo doesn't collect data about the webpage that you display in the widget, so no reporting metrics are gathered from this widget.

To let your viewers experience interactivity on the iPhone, you must enable device targeting. For steps, see Targeting ads based on the viewer's device type.

Note: The Embedded iframe widget is available for ads on mobile devices.

Before you start

  • Create an In-Banner Video creative, an In-Stream Video creative, or a Rich Media creative. For steps, see Assembling a creative from a template or Assembling a creative from scratch.
  • Determine the address of the webpage that you want to display. Make sure that the webpage is a mobile-optimized webpage, since the widget displays the entire webpage within the dimensions of the widget.

To add an Embedded iframe widget to a creative

  1. Navigate to the Division, Account, and Campaign of the creative.
  2. Click the Campaign Management tab, then click the Creatives tab.
  3. Click Edit for the creative. The Mixpo Studio opens.
  4. Add the widget to your creative:
    1. Select the canvas tab that you want to add the widget to.
    2. Click the Overlays tab, then click Widget.
    3. Click Our stock library.
    4. Select the Embedded iframe widget, then click Add media. The widget is added to your creative.
  5. Select the Embedded iframe widget. In the settings area, new widget options appear.
  6. In the Overlay name field, type a name for the widget.
  7. In the Iframe source URL field, type the address of the webpage that you want to embed.
  8. To change the size of the widget, click and drag the sizing handles on the corners of the widget. If the content of the webpage that you want to embed is larger than the widget, select Include scrollbar.
    Note: To make sure that the live ad is optimized for mobile devices, the widget should be at least 44 × 44 pixels, so that it is big enough for viewers to tap. If you added the widget to the Timeline Canvas tab, leave at least 44 pixels between the widget and the bottom of the creative, so that viewers can tap the video player controls.
  9. Depending on the content, it may take additional time to load. If this is a concern, select Show loading graphic.
  10. If you added the widget to the Timeline Canvas tab, specify how you want the widget to appear in your video sequence. Do the following:
    1. ​From the Enter and Exit drop-down lists, select the entrance and exit animation effects.
    2. In the Duration field, type the number of seconds that you want the widget to appear for.
    3. In the Start time field, type the number of seconds into the video that you want the widget to appear.
    Tip: You can also drag the widget on the visual timeline to adjust the timing. For steps, see Adjusting the timing of video content using the visual timeline.
  11. Click Save.
  12. To test that the creative appears the way that you want it to, return to the Mixpo Platform and click Preview.
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