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Adding a Countdown to Date widget to a creative

You can draw your viewers' attention to an upcoming event by displaying a countdown clock with the Countdown to Date widget. You can display a countdown to a one-time event, or to a recurring event. The countdown is in real time, so the countdown continues even when a viewer pauses the video.

Countdown to Date widget

Before you start

To add a Countdown to Date widget to a creative

  1. Navigate to the Division, Account, and Campaign of the creative.
  2. Click the Campaign Management tab, then click the Creatives tab.
  3. Click Edit for the creative. The Mixpo Studio opens.
  4. Add the widget to your creative:
    1. Select the canvas tab that you want to add the widget to.
    2. Click the Overlays tab, then click Widget.
    3. Click Our stock library.
    4. Select the Countdown to Date widget, then click Add media. The widget is added to your creative.
  5. Select the widget. In the settings area, new widget options appear.
  6. In the Overlay name field, type a name for the widget. The name is displayed in reports about the widget.
  7. To change the size of the widget, click and drag the sizing handles on the corners of the widget.
    Note: To make sure that the live ad is optimized for mobile devices, the widget should be at least 44 × 44 pixels, so that it is big enough for viewers to tap. If you added the widget to the Timeline Canvas tab, leave at least 44 pixels between the widget and the bottom of the creative, so that viewers can tap the video player controls.
  8. Select the Recurrence type for your event, such as a one-time countdown or a weekly event.
  9. Depending on the recurrence type of your event, different options are available to configure the time and date of your event. As appropriate, select the date, time, and day of week for your event. To make sure the countdown displays properly, note the following:
    • For a one-time countdown, the widget displays when the date is within 99 days of today.
    • If today is after the date of your event (the Recur until date for a recurring countdown or the Countdown to date for a one-time countdown), the widget displays zeros.
  10. By default, the countdown time that each viewer sees is determined by the time zone of the viewer. For example, a viewer in Seattle sees a countdown time that is three hours longer than what a viewer in New York sees, since Seattle is three hours behind New York. If you want to display the same countdown time until your event regardless of the viewer's time zone, select the Fixed time zone check box, then choose the appropriate Time zone from the drop-down list.
  11. Adjust the look and feel of your countdown clock by select the Font, Text color, Time units, and Time separator. Optionally, add labels for each unit of time.
  12. From the Transition drop-down list, select how you want the numbers in the countdown clock to move.
  13. If you added the widget to the Timeline Canvas tab, specify how you want the widget to appear in your video sequence. Do the following:
    1. ​From the Enter and Exit drop-down lists, select the entrance and exit animation effects.
    2. In the Duration field, type the number of seconds that you want the widget to appear for.
    3. In the Start time field, type the number of seconds into the video that you want the widget to appear.
    Tip: You can also drag the widget on the visual timeline to adjust the timing. For steps, see Adjusting the timing of video content using the visual timeline.
  14. Click Save.
  15. To test that the creative appears the way that you want it to, return to the Mixpo Platform and click Preview.
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