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Opening a webpage when a viewer clicks an overlay

You can open a webpage when a viewer clicks a text or image overlay in your ad by associating a clickthrough action with the overlay.

Clickthrough actions are most effective when they give viewers a compelling reason to click. For example, an overlay could invite viewers to "See Our Complete Menu" or purchase "Fitness Equipment 50% Off!"

The clickthrough URL that you assign to a specific overlay overrides the settings that you specify when you create a creative.

Before you start

To open a webpage when a viewer clicks an overlay

  1. Navigate to the Division, Account, and Campaign of the creative.
  2. Click the Campaign Management tab, then click the Creatives tab.
  3. Click Edit for the creative. The Mixpo Studio opens.
  4. Select the canvas tab that the text or image overlay is on.
  5. Select the overlay.
  6. Expand the Actions area, then select Clickthrough.
  7. If the overlay is displayed on a video, you can pause the video when a viewer clicks the overlay. To do this, select the Auto pause check box.
  8. In the text box, type the address of the webpage that you want to open when a viewer clicks the overlay. If you do not provide an address, the website that you specified when you created the creative will open.
  9. Specify where you want the link to open:
    • Open link in new window: The webpage opens in a new browser window (default).
    • Open link in same window: The webpage opens in the same browser window, replacing the ad content. Typically, you should only use this setting at the end of an ad.
    • Open link in modal window: The webpage opens in a frame on top of the page where the ad is displayed.
      Note: Modal windows are available for viewers using desktop computers with a web browser that supports Adobe® Flash®.
  10. Click Save.
  11. To test that the creative appears the way that you want it to, return to the Mixpo Platform and click Preview.
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