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Updating a SWF creative or Image creative

You can update a SWF (Flash file) creative or an Image creative by replacing the original file with a new file.

Any ads that include the updated creative will continue to run with the same ad tag.

Before you start

  • Prepare the SWF (Flash) file or the image file that you want to display. To ensure that your ad displays properly, the new file should have the same dimensions as the file that you are replacing. For information about the types of files that you can upload to Mixpo, see Supported file formats.
    Note: You can build animation and actions into SWF files before you upload them to the Mixpo Platform. If you upload a SWF with built-in actions enabled, the clickthrough URL that you specify in the Mixpo Platform is ignored. Instead, you must include the clickthrough URL in the SWF file itself.

To update a SWF creative or Image creative

  1. Navigate to the Division, Account, and Campaign of the creative.
  2. Click the Campaign Management tab, then click the Creatives tab.
  3. Click the Creative settings icon Creative Settings icon next to the SWF creative or Image creative that you want to update.
  4. Depending on the type of creative, select from the following:
    1. To update a SWF creative, click Select SWF, then upload your SWF (Flash) file.
    2. To update an Image creative, click Select image, then upload your image file.
  5. Click Save creative.
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