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Assembling creatives

  • Assembling a creative from scratch

    A creative includes all the visual content of an ad, such as videos, images, calls to action, interactive features, dynamic content, links, and so on. Typically, you prepare your visual assets using third-party video or image editing software, then import your visual assets into Mixpo. You then build out the ... Read More >>

  • Adding a text overlay to a creative

    You can quickly add text to an ad by including a text overlay in your creative. For example, you can display text that invites viewers to perform a specific action, such as "Click to learn more." Overlays are text, image, and widget elements that turn a passive ad into a dynamic, interactive online experienc... Read More >>

  • Adding an image overlay to a creative

    You can quickly add interactive visual content to an ad by including an image overlay in your creative. For example, you can display your company logo superimposed over a video clip. Overlays are text, image, and widget elements that turn a passive ad into a dynamic, interactive online experience. Overlays s... Read More >>

  • Adding interactive widgets to a creative

    A widget allows you to quickly add interactive, professional quality content to an ad. Widgets provide a wide range of functionality that encourages viewers to engage with the ad, such as animation, live feeds, and interactive content. Some examples of how you can use a widget include: An ad promoting t... Read More >>

  • Adding layers to creatives with panels

    You can include layered, interactive experiences in an ad using panels. A panel is a layer of content that is displayed on top of an ad. You can include text, images, and widgets on a panel. You can also link multiple panels together, to let viewers navigate between panels to interact with the content on eac... Read More >>

  • Integrating social media with the ad experience

    When you design your creative with social media in mind, you can integrate the ad experience with popular social media sites. For example, you can embed social media content such as recent Twitter tweets in your ad. You can also make it easy for viewers to share your ad on social media sites such as Facebook,... Read More >>

  • Replacing videos, images, or text overlays

    Sometimes, you spend time building a creative and then discover that your advertiser wants to change the overlays or the video content. Rather than deleting the content that you have already built, you can quickly replace outdated overlays, videos, and images with new content. When you replace content in you... Read More >>

  • Adding a transparent overlay to a creative

    Sometimes you want to include the functionality of an overlay in your ad, without showing the overlay itself. You do this by adding a transparent overlay to your creative. For example, say you want to include a panel in your ad. Instead of including a text overlay that encourages viewers to click to open the... Read More >>

  • Adjusting the timing of video content using the visual timeline

    When you build an extended rich media or expanding video experience, the overlays, videos, and audio content that you include are displayed on a visual timeline at the bottom of the Timeline Canvas tab in Mixpo Studio. Depending on the type of content, the content is displayed on a timeline with one of the... Read More >>

  • Deleting content in a creative

    You can delete the content in your creative if you no longer want it to display. See the following: To delete a text, image, or widget overlay from a creative To delete a video from a creative To delete an audio track from a creative For steps to replace an overlay, see Replacing videos,... Read More >>
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