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Administering the Mixpo Platform

  • Understanding Clients, Divisions, Accounts, and Campaigns

    You will work with your Mixpo account representative to get your platform accounts in place. When you add users, you can configure which Accounts and Divisions they have access to. For background information and steps, see Creating and managing user accounts. In the Mixpo Platform, your advertising campaign... Read More >>

  • Creating an Account

    An Account is a brand or advertiser. Mixpo recommends that you create a separate Account for each advertiser. Matching one advertiser to one Account gathers all of an advertiser's ads in one place and makes it easier to create, track, and optimize them. Tip: For steps to create user accounts, see Creating an... Read More >>

  • Creating a Campaign

    A Campaign is a collection of ads that run in a specific timeframe and are tied together by a common objective, such as increasing engagement or awareness. A Campaign is where you assemble creatives, build placements, and associate creatives with placements to create ad units that can be trafficked. The sett... Read More >>

  • Creating and managing user accounts

    You can create the following types of user accounts: Normal users Administrators When you create a new user or manage an existing user's access permissions, you determine whether the user has access to a variety of settings that apply across all of your Divisions and Accounts. You can configure ac... Read More >>

  • Setting default placement settings with a publisher profile

    A publisher profile allows you to specify the default settings that are selected when you assign a creative to a placement (see Assigning a creative to a placement). By doing this, you can help ensure that all your ads behave consistently, and make assigning creatives to placements more efficient. Publisher ... Read More >>

  • Editing Account, Campaign, and Client settings

    When you modify your Account settings, you can do things such as update the Account name or change the default website that viewers will be sent to when they click an ad (the clickthrough URL). The settings that you specify for an Account apply to all the Campaigns, placements, and creatives within the Accoun... Read More >>
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