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Getting started

  • Ad types

    You can create a variety of types of ads in the Mixpo platform. When you determine which type of ad to create, you consider factors such as the types of content that you want to display, whether your ad includes videos, whether you want the ad to expand, how you want viewers to be able to interact with conten... Read More >>

  • Navigating the Mixpo Platform and Mixpo Studio

    Your advertising campaigns are organized into a hierarchy of Clients, Divisions, and Accounts. Each Account includes one or more Campaigns. (For background information, see Understanding Clients, Divisions, Accounts, and Campaigns). You can navigate among the Divisions, Accounts, and Campaigns that you manage... Read More >>

  • Determining the status of Campaigns, placements, and creatives

    You can see the status of your advertising campaign at a glance on the Campaign Management tab in Mixpo Platform. Depending on the date range of a Campaign or a placement, the following statuses are possible: Pre-flight: The date range of a Campaign or placement starts after today's date. In-fligh... Read More >>

  • Previewing a creative, placement, or ad

    You can preview your creatives and placements to test that your content appears and behaves the way that you want it to. See the following sections: Preview a creative: A creative is the visual content of an ad. When you preview a creative, you can preview the videos, images, interactive widgets, and oth... Read More >>

  • Changing your username, email address, or password

    You can change your username, email address, or password. To change your username, email address, or password Click Settings, then click User settings. To change your username, update the Name field. To change your email address, update the Email field. To change your password: Clic... Read More >>

  • Mixpo's Disclosure of Methodology (DOM)

    Mixpo Inc.'s Disclosure for Ad Reporting Standards What are non-human transactions? Activity that cannot be attributed to direct human Internet action is considered to be non-human. Automated programs designed to request pages, follow links, and catalog Internet content are often referred to as spiders/... Read More >>

  • Searching a creative, placement, or ad

    When you have many accounts and campaigns, or a campaign with multiple placements, creatives, and ads, you may want to conduct a search to single out a specific campaign element. Mixpo provides a search function where you can find your Placement, Creative, or Ad by: ID - Ad ID, Placement ID, Creative ID.... Read More >>

  • Log into the platform

    Use these steps to log into the Mixpo platform. Go to the Mixpo platform login. Enter in your username and password, then click Login. More info If you need more help, contact Read More >>
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