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Increasing brand exposure

To increase your brand exposure through your ads, consider the following best practices:

Design compelling creative that entertains and educates viewers

The quality of your creative has a major influence on whether your advertising campaign is successful. In addition, online ads can have value in and of themselves. Many consumers say that they would click ads that are entertaining or provide information about a subject of interest.

So, while it is undoubtedly easier said than done, the advice to brands is clear. Do you want viewers to spend more time watching your ads and gaining exposure to your brand? Provide them with engaging and useful content.

To get inspired by ads created with Mixpo, visit the Mixpo example gallery at

Include social media links and content

One way to encourage viewers to spend more time with branded content is to include links to your advertiser's social media sites.

You can integrate your ad with social media by including interactive social media widgets, clickable social media icons, and links. To learn more, see Integrating social media with the ad experience.

Include real-time data feeds in your ads

Advertisers generate a wide range of content that consumers may find interesting. For example, many brands tweet regularly, produce consumer-related blogs, and more. You can include live feeds in your ads, providing you with an effective way to promote and publicize that content.

You can use a pre-designed widget to display real-time content from your Twitter account or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. For steps to include Twitter content in your ad, see Adding a Twitter Pulse widget to a creative. For steps to include an RSS feed, see Adding a Text Ticker widget to a creative.

Use expandable ads to deliver a deeper brand experience

The more entertaining and engaging your ad is, the more time your viewers are likely to spend with the ad's branded content. Although ads designed for standard 300 × 250 banner ad spaces can certainly entertain and engage, your opportunity to excite and inform your viewers increases when your ad expands.

You can create expanding In-Banner Video ads and expanding Rich Media ads. To learn more, see Assembling a creative from a template or Assembling a creative from scratch.

Target viewers with content relevant to who they are, where they live, and what they care about

The more relevant an ad, the more time a viewer is likely to spend engaging and interacting with the ad's branded content. Targeting your viewers helps ensure that you deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

To target your viewers, you can do the following:

  • Display different creatives based on the time of day. For example, a TV broadcaster can schedule tune-in ads that run only in the hours before a program's TV time slot. For steps, see Displaying different creatives based on the time of day: dayparting.
  • Target creatives based on each viewer's geographic location. For example, a national auto dealer can provide each viewer with personalized directions to their nearest dealer. For steps, see Targeting ads based on viewer location.
  • Serve creatives to a viewer based on the content the viewer has seen before. For example, a financial services institution can serve general brand awareness content to new viewers, then serve a focused sales pitch to viewers who have been exposed to the campaign. For steps, see Displaying sequential creatives to a viewer.

For additional ways that you can target viewers, see Targeting and optimizing the ads in your campaign.
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