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Encouraging viewer engagement

To encourage viewer engagement with your ads, consider the following best practices:

Make the entire ad clickable

When a viewer clicks a text or image overlay in your ad, you can open a new webpage. By default, links open in a new browser window. You can also open links in a frame on top of the page where the ad is displayed, allowing viewers to see the linked content without leaving the publisher's website.

Learn more about Opening a webpage when a viewer clicks an overlay.

Make clicking worthwhile

Viewers are more likely to engage with your ad if you give them an incentive to engage. You can do this by adding interactive text, image, and widget overlays on top of the video content that ask intriguing or important questions, or make offers that viewers find difficult to refuse.

For example:

  • An insurance company includes an overlay that says "Save up to $500 on your home and car insurance." When viewers click the overlay, they are redirected to the insurance company's website.
  • A TV station includes an overlay in a tune-in ad for a daytime soap opera that says "[Actor's Name] reveals his secret past." When viewers click the overlay, a panel opens, displaying a Video widget overlay featuring an interview with the actor.

Learn more about Adding a text overlay to a creativeAdding an image overlay to a creativeAdding interactive widgets to a creative and Specifying what happens when viewers interact with ads.

Include printable coupons

Digital coupons are a key part of many consumers' shopping and saving strategies. One way to increase the likelihood that viewers will engage with your ad is to include a coupon offer. This is especially true in Mixpo ads where viewers can print coupons without ever leaving the ad. For steps to include a printable coupon in your ad, see Letting viewers print content from an ad.

Provide personalized map directions from each viewer's zip code

One way you can personalize each viewer's ad experience is by automatically providing map directions from the viewer's zip code to the nearest advertiser outlet, dealership, or franchise.

To do this, you add a Map and Directions widget to your ad. When a viewer sees your ad, Mixpo automatically determines the viewer's location based on their IP address. If your advertiser has one location, viewers see a map or directions to that location. Alternatively, if your advertiser has locations in different zip codes or cities, you can use custom geotargeting variables to show viewers the nearest location.

To learn more, see Adding a Map and Directions widget to a creative and Targeting ads based on viewer location.

Make it easy for viewers to share your ads on social media

When you integrate social media with your ads, you have the potential to increase engagement in multiple ways:

  • Viewers who see social media icons and buttons in an ad have an additional, familiar way to interact with the ad.
  • Each ad that is shared on social media is available to viewers' friends and followers, who may never have encountered the ad on their own.

To learn how to enable social media sharing for your ads, see Integrating social media with the ad experience.

Encourage viewers to participate by signing up for special offers, volunteer opportunities, mailing lists, and more

You can develop a highly qualified list of leads by including a customizable form in your ads, then generating real-time reports that track the information submitted by each viewer. To do this, you include a Form Builder widget in your ad. To learn more about capturing leads from your ads, see Adding a Form Builder widget to a creative.

Send viewers to personalized search results pages

Consumers like to feel in control of their online experiences, and they prefer content that speaks directly to their personal situations and interests. When you provide personalized search results to viewers from within the ad experience, you invite engagement by offering viewers both control and personalization.

The Search widget asks viewers for a piece of information, such as the zip code where they're located or the name of a product they're interested in. When viewers search, they are sent to a personalized search results page on an advertiser's website or a well-known search engine.

For example:

  • A retailer lets viewers search for a product name from within the ad. Viewers are sent to the results page for that product in the retailer's online catalog.
  • A home improvement store lets viewers search for their zip code from within the ad. Viewers are sent to the store locator page that displays the nearest stores.

To learn how to add a search box to your ad, see Adding a Search widget to a creative.

Tailor calls to action by geography or time of day

Viewers are more likely to respond when a call to action is directly relevant to them. For example:

  • If an auto manufacturer's ad says "Sign up for a test drive" and sends viewers to the closest local dealer, it is likely to be more effective than a general invitation to visit the auto manufacturer's website.
  • If a fast food chain's ad automatically features breakfast items in the morning, lunch items at midday, and dinner items beginning in the late afternoon, it is likely to be more effective than a general ad about meal offerings.

To learn more, see Targeting and optimizing the ads in your campaign.
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