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Interpreting a campaign's key performance data

One of the benefits of running an in-banner online video advertising campaign is the wealth of performance data that you can collect.

A wealth of data, however, can also be a little overwhelming. It's not easy to determine which metrics really matter or what the numbers really mean.

This article explains several key performance metrics, and why they are important for understanding the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. See the following:

For definitions of additional Mixpo performance metrics, see the Glossary of Mixpo performance metrics.

Video Start Rate

Video Start Rate measures viewer interest.

The Video Start Rate is calculated by dividing the total number of Video Starts an ad receives by the total number of Impressions.

What it means

The video start rate measure active interest in your ad because viewing requires an action by the viewer. For example, to start playing an ad, viewers must click the ad or hover their cursor over the ad.

This means that each view represents the best audience for an ad: a self-selected individual who chose to view the advertiser's message.

Why it matters

Because each active view indicates interest, the higher the Video Start Rate, the greater the interest in your brand and message.

An ad's StartFrame (the content that viewers see before they interact with your ad) plays a key role in viewer interest. Typically, the more compelling the StartFrame, the higher the video start rate. For tips to build a compelling StartFrame, see Best practices for attracting views.


Exposure measures the amount of time that viewers were exposed to your advertising content.

You can analyze exposure using several metrics:

  • Average % Viewed: Percentage of an ad that viewers watched, averaged across all viewers.
  • Percent Completed: Percentage of viewers who watched an entire ad.
  • Minutes Watched: Total minutes viewed by all viewers.

What it means

Because video ads have duration, it's possible to measure the amount of time that viewers spend with your brand and message while a video is played. The higher the values for Average Percentage Viewed, Percent Completed, and Minutes Watched, the better. Higher values mean more exposure to your brand and message.

Why it matters

More exposure correlates with brand favorability. Studies have shown that campaigns with more minutes watched deliver more brand name searches and visits to brand websites.


Engagement measures the actions that active viewers take after they choose to view an ad.

The engagement level is indicated by the following metrics:

  • Clickthroughs/Video Starts: Number of clickthroughs divided by the number of video starts.
  • Interactions/Video Starts: Number of interactions divided by the number of video starts.

What it means

Clickthroughs are counted each time a viewer clicks an element in an ad, such as an image overlay or a widget, and is taken to an external webpage. Interactions are counted each time a viewer takes a purposeful action related to viewing or sharing an ad, but does not leave the ad experience. The greater the number of Clickthroughs and Interactions per Video Starts, the more engaged your viewers are with the content in your ads.

Why it matters

A high engagement level indicates a high level of interest in and connection with a brand. The more active your viewers are, the more strongly they express their intention of engaging with and buying from your advertiser.
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