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Campaign analytics

  • Mixpo reporting

    The Mixpo Platform includes a variety of standard reports, as well as custom reporting capabilities, that enable you to analyze and report on the performance of your ad campaign. You can generate a one-time report at any time. Or, you can schedule reports to be sent automatically to a list of email recipient... Read More >>

  • Interpreting a campaign's key performance data

    One of the benefits of running an in-banner online video advertising campaign is the wealth of performance data that you can collect. A wealth of data, however, can also be a little overwhelming. It's not easy to determine which metrics really matter or what the numbers really mean. This article explains se... Read More >>

  • Glossary of Mixpo performance metrics

    Mixpo uses the following definitions for performance metrics: Main ad metrics Main video metrics Viewer actions Viewer action metrics Other metrics Note: Specific reports may include more detailed performance metrics. For definitions, see the glossary included with each report. For an expla... Read More >>

  • Managing, scheduling, and deleting reports

    For steps to manage, schedule, or delete reports, see the following: To reschedule a report To download the latest version of an automatically scheduled report To stop delivering a report To permanently delete a report Before you start Create at least one report. For backgroun... Read More >>

  • Measuring reach and frequency

    One way to make sure that your advertising campaign is as effective as possible is to analyze how many unique individuals see your ads, and how often each person sees your ad. These measurements are called reach and frequency: Reach: The number of unique viewers who see your ad, expressed as a percentage... Read More >>
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