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Adding a geographically targeted image to a creative

You can display different images to viewers based on each viewer's geographical location. For example, you can show each viewer the logo for their closest auto dealer.

To do this, you associate a custom geotargeting variable with an image. A geotargeting variable is a placeholder for the geographically targeted content that you want to include in your creative. For background information about geotargeting variables, and examples of how to use them, see Understanding geotargeting variables.

Before you start

  • Prepare the following images to display:
    • An image for each geographical location.
    • A default image to display when a viewer's location cannot be found or isn't included in your geotargeting profile.
    All images should have the same size and aspect ratio. For information about the types of images that you can upload, see Supported file formats.
    Tip: To make it easier to search for and manage your images if you decide to upload them to your Media Library, Mixpo recommends that you name all your geotargeting images with a common prefix or suffix. For example, Seattle_logo.jpg, NewYork_logo.jpg, and so on.
  • Create a geotargeting profile. For steps, see Creating a geotargeting profile.
  • Create an In-Banner Video creative, an In-Stream Video creative, or a Rich Media creative. For steps, see Assembling a creative from a template or Assembling a creative from scratch.

To add geographically targeted images to a creative

  1. ​Depending on where you want to store the images that you prepared, as described in Before you start, select from the following:
    • Store the images in a location where each image has a publicly-accessible web address. This can be a server maintained by your advertiser or agency, or a service such as Dropbox.
    • If you are storing a small number of images, upload the images to your Campaign's Media Library:
      Note: If the creatives in your Campaign were copied from another Campaign, you must re-upload any images that you want to display directly to the Campaign's Media Library.
      1. In Mixpo Studio, open the creative that you want to add the geographically targeted image to, then select the canvas tab that you want to add the image to. If you are adding the image to a panel, select the panel.
      2. Click the Overlays tab, then click Image.
      3. Click Library. The Media Library opens.
      4. Click Campaign media, then click Upload media to library. Select the images that you want to upload, then click Open. All the images are added to your Media Library.
      5. Select the default image that you want to display when a viewer's location cannot be found, then click Add media. The default image is added to your creative.
  2. Determine the web address of each image:
    • If you are storing the images on your own server or on a service such as Dropbox, see your third-party help for steps.
    • If you uploaded the images to your Media Library, export the web addresses for your images:
      1. Click the Overlays tab, then click Image.
      2. Click Library, then click Campaign media.
      3. By default, when you export the web addresses for your images, web addresses for all images in your Media Library are included. To export only your geotargeting images, search for the common prefix or suffix in the image file names, as described in Before you start.
      4. Click Export image URLs. Depending on your web browser, choose a location to save the file, then click Save.
      Note: The web addresses in the file that you export are designed specifically for use in a geotargeting profile. If you want to preview an image in a web browser, add http: to the beginning of the web address. At the end of the web address, add one of the following: JPG128.jpgJPG192.jpgJPG200.jpgJPG320.jpgJPG640.jpg, or JPG1024.jpg (case-sensitive), where the number indicates the image width in pixels.
  3. Add the images to your geotargeting profile:
    1. Add a column for the images to your geotargeting profile.
    2. In the column header, type the name that you want to assign to your custom image variable. For example, name the column logo. For background information about defining custom variables, see Creating a geotargeting profile.
    3. In the row for each geographic location, type the web address for the appropriate image. For example, in the row for Seattle, type the web address for the Seattle logo.
    4. Upload your geotargeting profile to the Mixpo Platform. For steps to create and upload a new geotargeting profile, see Creating a geotargeting profile. For steps to update an existing geotargeting profile, see Updating a geotargeting profile.
  4. Enable geotargeting for the image:
    1. In Mixpo Studio, select the default image, then click the Overlays tab.
    2. In the Geotargeting variable field, type the name of your custom image variable, preceded by $ (a dollar sign). For example, if the name of your custom image variable is logo, type $logo.
    3. Save your changes.
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