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Adding geographically targeted text to a creative

You can display different text to viewers based on each viewer's geographic location. For example, you can display one TV channel number to a viewer in San Francisco, and a different TV channel number to a viewer in New York City.

To do this, you replace regular text with geotargeting variables. A geotargeting variable is a placeholder for the geographically targeted content that you want to include in your creative. You type custom variables or system variables in the text fields or overlays where you typically display email addresses, web addresses, promotional and informational text, unique identifiers, and so on. You can use variables wherever you can enter text, such as overlay text fields, clickthrough URLs, and overlay action fields.

Geographically targeted text

For background information about geotargeting variables, and examples of how to use them, see Understanding geotargeting variables.

Before you start

To add geographically targeted text to a creative

  1. In Mixpo Studio, open the creative.
  2. Add content with a text-based field, such as a text overlay, an overlay with a clickthrough action, and so on. You can add a geotargeting variable wherever you can enter text. For steps, see the following:
  3. In the text field, type the geotargeting variable, as follows:
    • System variables$$variableName(Default value)
      where variableName is the system variable name, and Default value is the value that you want to display when a viewer's location cannot be found or isn't included in your geotargeting profile.
      • Precede a system variable with $$ (two dollar signs).
      • Available system variables include: country, state, city, zipcode, areacode
        Note: The zipcode and areacode variables display for viewers located in the United States. Because Mixpo determines each viewer's location based on their IP address, zip code results are approximately 80 percent accurate.
      • You can control whether the values for a system variable are displayed in title case or capital letters. If you want to display values in title case, such as Seattle, type the variable name as $$city or $$City. If you want to display the values in all capital letters, such as SEATTLE, type the variable name as $$CITY.
    • Custom variables$variableName(Default value)
      where variableName is the custom variable name, as defined in your geotargeting profile (see Creating a geotargeting profile), and Default value is the value that you want to display when a viewer's location cannot be found or isn't included in your geotargeting profile.
      • Precede a custom variable with $ (one dollar sign).
    Depending on the text field, you can include system variables, custom variables, and non-variable text that is the same for all viewers, regardless of their geographic location. For example, Call your $$city(Acme Insurance) agent today at $phone(800-555-0123).
  4. Save your changes.
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